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  • Please complete the following whakapapa. Your full name should be given and the names of both parents. You only need to complete your Ngāti Rahiri Tumutumu whakapapa. You will be advised of confirmation of your membership once verified by Ngāti Rahiri Tumutumu kuia/kaumatua
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    (Children over 18 should register as an adult member)
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  • Declaration and Statement to comply with the provisions of the Privacy Act 1993:
    I hereby declare that:
    1. I make application to be included on the beneficiary role of Ngati Rahiri Tumutumu.
    2. I confirm that I am a blood descendant of Ngāti Rahiri Tumutumu
    3. I confirm that the information contained in this registration form and whakapapa is true and correct.
    4. I understand that the information I provide to Ngati Rahiri Tumutumu will be kept by the Iwi Roll Manager on its central database and will be used for the purpose of maintaining a register of beneficiaries including the distribution of information in relation to Ngati Rahiri Tumutumu.
    5. I understand my information will be treated confidentially, and that no information will be disclosed to a third party without my authorisation except as required by law.
    6. I understand I have the right to access and/or correct the information held by Ngati Rahiri Tumutumu.